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tv   America Reports  FOX News  February 23, 2024 10:00am-11:00am PST

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the 11th and final mission of the apollo program. what do you think about it, joey? >> proud to be an american, proud to know we are still trying to lead in a frontier. this meant a lot to the military in ways we don't talk about the first time we did it and i hope it does the same. so, yeah, it's awesome. >> it means a lot as well to the concept of private sector and nasa collaboration and all of us dorks, i love it. >> it gave america so much hope at a time of national mourning and grieving and the excellence of american space program and ingenuity. >> and under artemus, a woman and a person of color will be landing. >> chief petty officer second class chelton lewis, welcome
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back. >> sandra: the news keeps rolling in. a couple live events at this hour. first up from the white house, any moment now, as hundreds of migrants are seen dropped off in san diego, california. >> john: fox news on hand as cbp release more than 200 migrants on to city streets and the latest example of how out of control the president's border crisis has become. will president biden finally take executive action to stop the surge of migrants? we will take you live to the briefing once it gets underway. >> sandra: we will indeed. and to this fox news alert, a frantic manhunt is underway right now for a potential murder suspect on the loose at the university of georgia after 22-year-old student laken hope riley was found dead along a jogging path on campus after she never returned home from a run. hello, well come everyone, i'm sandra smith in new york on this
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friday afternoon. good to be with you, john. >> john: and i'm john roberts in south carolina. good to be with you, sandra. the news is not happy this afternoon. this is "america reports". police say riley was found with visible injuries and they do suspect foul play, but currently they have no leads as the university cancels classes and urges students to travel in groups. >> sandra: fox team coverage kicks off now on this former nypd inspector paul mauro is standing by. >> john: but first madison is live in athens, georgia with the latest on the investigation. madison, are police making any progress to even begin to identify a suspect? >> john, no official word on a suspect yet. but uga police say they are working around the clock to figure out exactly what happened to 22-year-old laken riley. the fbi says that they are ready to step in and help if needed. and police also say that there has not been a murder on campus
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for 20 years, and we are actually very close right now to where riley was found with those visible injuries after she never returned home from a run. and uga police department got a call around noon yesterday from one of riley's friends. the caller said riley had gone on a run at the intramural fields and did not come back. about 30 minutes later, police found riley's body in a wooded area near a lake. she was a nursing student at agusta university in athens. she attended university of georgia until last spring. classes are canceled until monday because of riley's death, and offering counseling for students who need it. they are asked to walk in groups and be aware of their surroundings. >> it's usually busy, people bring their dogs and their friends, it's a super social place so it's not somewhere i thought was unsafe. so shocked.
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i feel jittery inside. >> a really tragic time to everybody at uga and the athens community, and the coroner here says that the death, the cause of death of riley is pending and they are doing the examination today but don't expect results to be ready 'til monday at the earliest. back to you guys. >> john: first time in two decades anything like this has happened. madison, thank you. sandra. >> sandra: bring in paul mauro, former nypd detective and fox news contributor, this is a manhunt underway, john. our reporter is going to track down whatever is happening there and we'll get back to her as the news warrants. paul, first to you on what we are learning here. this is obviously devastating for the college campus, parents concerned about their kids on that campus. i mean, what would be happening right now would you imagine from the police force, the georgia
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bureau of investigations obviously involved, but telling kids you are not necessarily in immediate risk but they don't know where this person is. >> yeah, so obviously a little internally contradictory, coming from the head of campus security, campus police, he's doing his job, trying to make sure there is not panic. but of course with this perp unapprehended and characterizing it as foul play, there must be some level of risk. so obviously processing the crime scene, as large as necessary, a truism of police work, they may expand it, doing all the things we have heard about, looking for footprints, blood spatter, if things like that is involved. and we talk about in cases and examined in idaho, the digital footprint. looking at digital stuff that could go to the perpetrator. something one of your producers
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reminded me of, yesterday we had that very big outing of cell phone service, and you know, it's possible that some of the data that they would normally take as a given they are going to be able to get may be unavailable. i don't know that, i'm just adding that factoid because one of the things they are certainly going to do is start doing the phone work and some other digital work. >> john: paul, it's john here in south carolina. i mean, obviously the first thing that the investigators would try to do is geofence off the area and check on the cell phones either going in or out of the area or remaining in the area. but let me ask you about the circumstances of the poor woman's demise. that was generally taken to be a safe area, you heard that one student talking about it, there were a lot of trails in the forest park, a lot of trails around lake herrick as well very popular for people to walk or jog at. does this suggest to you, and from things you've seen in the
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past as well, was this just random, somebody might have been hiding out waiting for anybody to come along or does this sound like it possibly could have been targeted? >> that's a good question, john. remember it is a campus, and so it could be a controlled environment, students have to card in and out of the schools, and see if there is someone on campus that shouldn't be there or an outlier. the victim here is not a student there. i understand that they are hitting the factoid there has not been a murder on campus in 20 years, that's obviously a good thing but there's been some stuff happening in and around this campus recently that would give one pause, and it actually is not just this campus. there is a real rash, an underreported phenomenon, a real rash of campus and campus-related crime across the country, and as we have seen the
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inner cities and other areas have these spikes in crime. you know, i'm going to name check my website, the ops desk, and we track it. these campus crimes are really on the incline, and i have to be honest. were i sending a child to school, i would be crunching data to make sure i felt good about the safety on that campus. are the cameras working, do they have a campus police, are they liaison with the local police, you know, a lot in play here and i'm going to say something politically incorrect. i would especially be concerned if my student child was a daughter. >> sandra: yeah, we have a mother of a student coming up in the next hour and while she's obviously concerned about this specific incident, she says she and other parents have been raising the red flag about their kids not feeling safe on campus and you hear that not just on this campus but so many college campuses. >> across the country. >> sandra: a head's up we are
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getting something in right now, although a bit odd, i'll report it as i see it. waga, affiliate in atlanta, uga officials have confirmed they have a suspect of interest now, who is currently being questioned, although i will say paul, when i go to the tweet from the uga officials, that tweet has now been deleted. transparent in what i'm seeing here. we were flagged that the uga officials confirmed a suspect of interest who is being questioned. we certainly hope that is the case right now. but again, when i go to that confirmation of that tweet it's been deleted. that's what i know. >> one of the things we always say in these circumstances, sandra, of the first ten reports we get very often the first nine are inaccurate, right. and that's not because anybody is obfiscating, maybe trying to
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calm the fears of parents. it looks if nothing else a pretty good time of death, right. call reportedly came in at noon for somebody concerned about the fact she did not return. >> a friend, yeah. >> backwards through the call to get into the details of her life, why she was there, who called it in, why they became so immediately concerned. the body is found at 12:38. that argues the campus police who found the body responded quickly. it's not always the case if you are missing, municipal police department, half hour, 40 minute response to find the body, that's a quick response. so, hats off to them and then you have to hope and i'm sure it's the case that they preserve the crime scene, understood what they were into here, froze data they need to get ahold of and started looking at this thing hard right away. >> john: let's hope the reports that they have a person of interest held and questioned are accurate. because that would be a good development in the case.
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paul, we'll keep watching this. >> sandra: our reporter is on the scene and she obviously flagged us a growing level of activity on campus. she's headed that direction. we'll certainly bring her back with the news. paul, thanks for standing by. john. >> john: all right, as all of this transpires, waiting to hear from the white house, as they look to crack down on border crossings through executive action. >> sandra: south carolina set to hold the republican primary, my goodness, this is happening tomorrow. what issues are on the ballot for voters there? we will ask our panel next. >> inflation has been probably number one. >> everything went up tremendous, but you know, i'm more worried about what my great more worried about what my great grandchildren are gonna have to lately? get ready for a shock. the rate on credit cards is now over 22%. if you want to save hundreds of dollars every month,
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>> sandra: a quick update out of georgia as we mentioned a moment ago, officials there in georgia have confirmed that they do have a suspect in custody now that they are questioning after that 22-year-old woman was found dead as she was jogging around a campus lake there. the suspect of interest is being questioned right now. confirmation from local reports on the ground the georgia bureau of investigation has been digging through a trash can, i should say a dumpster at the gas station across the street from where this young lady was found. so there's a lot of activity there as we mentioned, reporters are heading to the scene. an update in a few moments. >> the majority of americans disapprove of donald trump. >> nikki haley is losing to me, looks like she's going to lose by 25 or 30 points, that's a
10:17 am
lot. >> we are given a choice. in a primary we make our choice. we have to make our choice in this primary. >> you have to get out there and you have to send that big beautiful message that we are coming. >> john: fiery words from both 2024 gop hopefuls stumping in south carolina today. and sandra, it's going to be a big one tomorrow. we don't know who is going to win, but donald trump is still 25 points ahead, though that gap between him and nikki haley has narrowed just a little bit, don't know if it's a natural tightening ahead of the primary day or if it's an indication she's beginning to surge. >> sandra: and this is her home state. so, this is a major test for nikki haley and we'll be watching closely. we'll be covering it right together tomorrow, john. we will have our live programming on saturday tomorrow, 1 to 3:00 p.m. eastern time. >> john: special edition of "america reports". early voting closed yesterday, polls open tomorrow morning here
10:18 am
in south carolina for that all important primary, and we are speaking with voters here in the palmetto state. jennifer is an athletic director of a non-profit and voting for former president trump, and we have someone also voting for nikki haley, also long time friend as the former governor, and pete works for a power company and is undecided. jennifer, when you thought about casting your vote, i don't know -- you have not voted already. >> i have not voted yet. >> john: you are voting tomorrow. what was at the top of your mind in terms of the issue that drove you to say this is the candidates that i want. >> i think the border is the issue. we know -- president trump has a record, we know what he will do. i feel like he is strong. i feel like he has a plan for the border. i feel he has a plan for the economy as well as bringing energy independence back to america.
10:19 am
i believe he wants to make the military strong again and one thing that i think people don't really think about is education. i believe that he wants to -- he knows that in order to build society, we need to revamp our education system and get the crt out of education. >> john: jennifer says she's voting for trump because he's a known quantity, and knows his record. you've been a friend of governor haley, known her two decades. >> i appreciate border is a huge issue. i'm not born in the united states, i came here when i was four years old. my parents, like nikki's parents are legal immigrants. they came here for the dream of america 50 years ago. she wants to do, doesn't want any more of this catch and release, she wants to do catch and deport, no more sanctuary cities, wants to secure and shut
10:20 am
down the border, and also i think one of the things that americans really now care about is as a realtor, i care about the economy. i care about inflation, i care that our generation of children cannot afford to buy homes. people, the average half a million dollars, that's insane. we are going to become renters like europe. we are going to be a country of renters, we are not going to be able to increase and pass on wealth to our children. we can't afford to fill up or gas with gas, home heating fuel costs, food is crazy. >> john: we are at lizard's thicket talking to some people on fixed incomes and said you know, making that dollar last, it doesn't go anywhere near as far as it used to. pete, you are undecided, which is interesting. unity is your top issue. what will make you decide one way or the other who to pull the lever for tomorrow? >> it's going to be kind of the
10:21 am
last hurrah they put out there what sells me. >> john: you are that close. >> i'm that close. they both have good points and both have bad points and the one pulling me one way or the other. >> john: so what will it turn on for you? >> how strong they put it out there. it's, you know, how confident -- it's got to be -- they got to sell me, and the time -- >> john: what's the issue, ah, yes, i'm going to vote for this person. >> they are both for the border. the economy is one of the biggest things. like she was saying, you can't afford stuff anymore, grocery bills, triple in the last several years, so it's -- it's crazy, just can't do -- you can't do as much with your money now. >> john: and jennifer, donald trump has a huge lead going into tomorrow's primary, holds big leads in all the states that follow this primary. do you believe he's ultimately going to be the nominee? >> i do believe he will be the nominee.
10:22 am
>> john: and what about you, nikki haley has never lost an election before, a popular two-state governor here in the state of california, can she turn things around or destined to not make it. >> john, i know she can win. when she ran for representative i never thought she was going to win or for governor. now watching her do her ground game, if you look across the state and see the number of people, especially women, that's where trump is losing, is women. he's alienated. >> i don't believe he's losing women. >> john: clearly he's not losing this one here. folks, we have to run. thank you so uch m -- much. hope you make up your mind between now and tomorrow, and hope you don't just roll the dice. >> sandra: thank you. karl rove, former white house
10:23 am
deputy chief of staff and fox news contributor. suffolk university poll showing 28-point lead for the former president, 63% of gop -- for the gop primary there in south carolina, 28 points above nikki haley at 35% heading into this. taking a look at the top issues, karl, please do weigh in what we are seeing there. because immigration once again, we saw in iowa, and new hampshire, it appears to be the most important issue to voters in south carolina that they see facing the country today. 42% said so. to 26% on the economy. this is a huge, as we know, winning issue for the former president, karl. >> yeah, it is. but you do have the -- what we just saw in john's interview, sometimes you have people saying well, they are both good on it. but, on the issue of immigration. look, here is what i'm watching. the real clear politics average, 61.8 for trump, 36.5 for haley.
10:24 am
this is a rolling average of all recent polls in south carolina. that points to a 63/37 victory by the former president trump., same basic principle, rolling average, 63.6 for the former president, 32.9, that points to 65/35 win for the former president. the problem with the rolling average is, it is an average of recent polls and tends to hide recent movement, and so the question is, has there been recent movement in the polls, the closer those polls are to today the more -- the better nikki haley has done. the question is, does she have momentum that propels her closer than real clear politics like 25-point loss, 538 points, the question is it closer than
10:25 am
that. >> sandra: seeing a lot of movement for joe biden, the latest polling, you look at 56% approval rating february 2021, to now just 38%, it has come down to where it is today in february of 2024, and that has democrats as we know, karl, some of them talking about plan b, and this was really interesting. this was former obama fundraiser don peebles, and the disappointment that kamala harris has been in this administration. listen. >> i think that the democratic party should turn the page. president biden was to be a transitional president. i even said it on your show that i thought that he would be president and kamala harris would be waiting in the wings, learning how to become president. i think she has disappointed a lot of people, including me, and i think that the team that's in place now ought to step aside.
10:26 am
i don't see how he can beat donald trump. >> sandra: karl, your reaction to that as we look at the biden approval on immigration, which is a top concern for voters there in south carolina. this is among democrats, ok. this number has gone down. they are -- the 55% approval rating on immigration among democrats for the current president. so, i mean -- is it reasonable to think that they are talking more and more about a plan b for the current president? >> well, a lot of people are, because look, president biden is not going to get better. he cannot win this election by saying i've done a good job in my first term and i have a vision for a second term. the only way he's going to be able to win is take a thermal nuclear weapon and blow up donald trump or attempt to blow up donald trump. it's not going to be a pleasant experience over the next 6, 7, 8 months for the american electorate. biden can't win by articulating
10:27 am
what he's done and what he might do. we've already made a decision. two-thirds of the american people think he lacks mental acuity to be a good president in a second term and three-quarters of the american people think he's too old. those things are not going to change. if they change, they are only going to get worse. so the democrats -- i wrote about this last week in the "wall street journal" column. he can pull out before the democratic convention and convention that consists of biden delegates would select his replacement. it would not be kamala harris, because there is a widespread belief she's part of the problem, not the solution, but in all likelihood she would remain as the run mate whoever they selected, not likely gavin newsom, you can't have two people from the same state running and the electoral votes for the state cast for them. so likely to be somebody else if it is a plan b. >> sandra: a lot to take in
10:28 am
there, the president seems to be laughing it off, plan b, that is. thank you so much. >> you bet, thank you, sandra. >> john: our team is in san diego where immigration officials are letting go massive numbers of migrants on to the streets. >> sandra: four venezuelan migrants in court in illinois today. they are accused of attacking a 49-year-old man. morgan ortagus next on how residents are not happy with the riff-raff that's been brought to their communities. >> until we realize what our role is supposed to be, all of us calling ourselves sanctuary cities are going to continue to have these problems. i hear it all the time. people tell me they'd love to buy gold. but because it's gold - they think it must be complicated. it isn't. not with rosland capital. with rosland... the entire process from start to finish is built on one concept... one... keep... it... simple. rosland capital
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10:33 am
making their way deeper into the united states. bill melugin is on all of this for us and has been since the beginning there in san diego, what are you seeing, bill? >> well, sandra, good afternoon to you. had our sixth border patrol bus pull up and mass release more migrants, part of the group, we have seen many hundreds of migrants released, just released to the streets here in san diego over the past couple hours, rich, if we can pan to the right, some are still waiting to be picked up by an ngo bus to take them to the airport. what some of the releases look like. take a look at this video earlier, one of the first busses pulled up, people spilling off the bus. these are going pretty much all day long into the afternoon, coming in from all over the planet, talking to handfuls of them, all crossed the california border illegally, talked to people from china, senegal,
10:34 am
peru, ecuador, haiti, what's interesting, not met one person from mexico out here, guys, not a single person, and they tell us they are going to sanctuary cities all across the country. take a listen. >> ecuador. new york. going to new york. costa rica. atlanta. new jersey. >> new jersey. >> chicago. colombia. they say they want asylum, they don't want to work. where you from? senegal. >> dominican republic. >> new york. >> and again, the same border
10:35 am
patrol sources who told us these drop-offs were going to be happening are telling us more are coming this afternoon and the drop-offs will continue all day long tomorrow as well. we reached out to california governor gavin newsom's office to get his reaction to these mass releases in san diego, they gave us a statement which blames republicans saying they have caused chaos at the border and also says that california is "a model of partnership for a safe and humane border." back to you. >> sandra: bill, you continue to give us a look at this border crisis like no one else. we are watching this happen live every minute, every hour, all these border hot spots, bill, we'll get back to you again soon. thank you very much. >> yep. >> sandra: john. >> john: on the same subject, four venezuelan migrants appearing in an illinois courtroom for allegedly robbing and beating a 49-year-old man. it happened last weekend on a cta, chicago train. it comes as the city's police
10:36 am
say migrants are committing these crimes in hopes of being sent back to venezuela. let's bring in morgan ortagus, fox news contributor, morgan, so many people as bill melugin was showing coming across the border, looking for work or asylum, likely coached well by the cartels that bring them across the border. but now you have chicago police saying at least two instances venezuelan illegal migrants are committing crimes here in the united states in an attempt to be removed and sent back home. >> yeah, so you've got i think sort of 2 or 3 different things going on here, john. first you have, of course, we know at least 25,000 migrants who many of them who illegally crossed the border are now in chicago. and you have the governor of illinois pritzker just in november of last year committed another $160 million to aid these migrants, on top of the
10:37 am
tens of millions, if not hundreds of millions of dollars that illinois and chicago is having to spend on these migrants. we also know if you look specifically at the border, that 6 million people have passed illegally in the biden administration. roughly 1.4, 1.5 of those are people that have totally evaded our security. so because of our undefended and open border, we see not just chicago, new york, l.a., san diego, you go around the country, and you obviously see this massive problem. when you specifically look at venezuela, obviously there has been a problem with venezuela under the maduro dictatorship a long time. trump administration, we chose to heavily sanction maduro for subverting democracy and taking over the country like a dictator. what did biden and secretary blinken do, no surprise, they loosened up sanctions on maduro, on venezuela, because they
10:38 am
wanted to dangle in front of him the promise of free and fair elections. spoiler alert for our audience. they ended up getting the sanctions lifted, and we did not get free and fair elections. maduro went on to disqualify his opponent. we have an administration that pays no attention to south america or latin america, open and undefended border and problems in the city. what happens globally affects what happens in your city. >> john: and one of the biggest problems where these venezuelans committing crimes, the agreement between united states and venezuela is no longer in effect. they can commit the crimes, probably get to stay. ukraine aid, marc thiessen suggested in his column that republicans who don't want to fund ukraine are creating potential problems for donald trump if he becomes president. he wrote if republicans want to
10:39 am
help trump, pass ukraine aid now. why would they want him to inherit a dire military situation. gop needs to give ukraine weapons now if don't, they, not biden, would own the ukraine military collapse and leave him with a weak hand. >> i like marc a lot but don't entire agree with the argument. supplemental would have to pass two-thirds of the house, not just a simple majority, number one. so, that's going to need buy-in from republicans and democrats. number two, i think i've talked about it on your show before, certainly on fox, that i'm supportive of president trump's idea to make it a loan. plenty of historical precedence. you can strip out economic aid to ukraine, tell the europeans they have to take care of it. but it's important to remember what the biden administration has done. we gave lethal weapons in the trump administration. it's biden who didn't give it to
10:40 am
them before putin invaded and biden slow walked it two years and no plan for the war. so sorry, it's not republicans fault. >> john: morgan, hope you have a great weekend. thanks for joining us. >> sandra: at the forefront of the u.s. defense of the red sea from houthi rebels in the u.s. s. eisenhower, the finest five star aircraft carrier, the last four months patrolling the red sea and protecting commercial vessels from devastating attacks there. mike tobin got the chance to tour the eisenhower. mike, interesting look you did get. how is this different from other deployments? >> you know, sandra, for the first time since world war ii, a carrier strike group operating from the center of the threat. not just sending jets, missiles and other fire power into the flight. >> on board the u.s.s. dwight d. eisenhower in the red sea off
10:41 am
the coast of yemen. there are no training missions, every time one of the f-18 super hornets launch, they launch into a weapons engagement zone, we are close enough to the hostile they are in the range of the hostile weaponry, and what the houthis would fire at these guys. armed with side winder missiles for air contact, and bombs for air to ground contact, or air to ground targets. they are looking for targets of opportunity, or dynamic targets. what these sailors and pilots cannot do is get comfortable because the houthis, despite u.s. contact, have gotten more bold, they have fired ballistic missiles, drones, even an underwater drone. now, these sailors and pilots
10:42 am
are expected to be able to handle any threat. but the reality is, they are shooting missiles out of the sky. drones out of the water, and there is no room for error. all of this with the goal that frankly the navy was founded for, protection of free trade in the sea, this time the red sea. >> and while the houthis say they are firing in solidarity with hamas in gaza, the commander of this strike group says they are disengaged from the war in gaza. these sailors only care about securing safe passage through the red sea and the suez canal and once it's safe there, they'll go home. >> sandra: what a fascinating look. thank you for that. >> john: i think they should give him an honorary yellow jacket for that. james biden testifying on capitol hill and denying the president's involvement in his business dealings. house judiciary chairman jim jordan will offer up his
10:43 am
rebuttal coming up. plus this. >> the content parents face today is unlike anything that's ever come before. >> drum roll, please. >> kids tv show "adventure with iggy, yay. >> sandra: kirk cameron is launching a new tv series just for children, touting as escape from the woke world of hollywood. he will join us live with a preview on what parents can expect. i love your dress. oh thanks! i splurged a little because liberty mutual customized my car insurance and i saved hundreds. that's great. i know, right? i've been telling everyone. baby: liberty. did you hear that? ty just said her first word. can you say “mama”? baby: liberty. can you say “auntie”? baby: liberty. how many people did you tell? only pay for what you need. jingle: ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪ baby: ♪ liberty. ♪ hey. you seein' this?
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>> there are tons of kids shows out there, but how many can we trust. it's not only wildly inappropriate but strips away children's innocence with messaging that is confusing at best, or sets them on a path
10:48 am
that ends in irrepairable at worst. >> sandra: star of "adventures with iggy and mr. kirk," good to have you here. >> thank you. >> sandra: so many parents are hungry for wholesome. you are trying to give it to them. >> yes, they are hungry for wholesome but i would say that the children are even hungrier for parents to get involved and take back their little hearts and minds that god entrusted to them and give them the things that will make them grow, that will lead to their liberty and their -- their flourishing and protection. we have to create the culture. can't just complain about others, we have to create it, and that's what we are trying to with the brand-new tv show. think, a brand-new mr. rogers with timeless moral values only updated, high energy, beautiful
10:49 am
animated stories with hilarious dialogue and new guest stars popping in at every turn. >> sandra: we have been reporting on the woke culture for quite some time. what finally got to you, what did you see happening that you said i need to work on this, address it as a problem, the most important project you have ever worked on. >> certainly my wife and i having six children, and they are grown and my daughter will have a child, we are going to be grandparents. and frotto says i wish i had not seen these times we are in. what's up to us is to decide what's going to do with them and i don't want to be part of the generation that throws our children to the woke wolves to devour their hearts and minds and futures, i want to be securing and blessing and liberty for them. >> sandra: it is tough when you look for entertainment and books, so much shoved in parents' faces and the kids'
10:50 am
face right now. you were laughing with me a moment ago, parents are going old school. you are saying what you raised your kids on. >> "i love lucy." >> slim pickings out there, you have to vet everything you put in front of your kids and the device makes it harder, they are looking at it alone. >> we have gotten to used to the status quo and we need to remember, we can do it better ourselves. we can parent our children better than the government can parent them. what's happened is the government schools, the public schools are so connected to the money source that they are going to strip all the good values out of the last remaining public schools and they are turning your children into little lemmings to worship the state and usurp your authority as their parents. so, let's do it together. educate your own kids, either through home school, private school or schools that believe in your values and control
10:51 am
locally and take care of our own entertainment for children to build their character and keep them safe. >> sandra: i love iggy, looks like a good character today. >> world class puppeteer. >> sandra: did you say you are becoming a grandparent? >> yes, it doesn't seem real. >> john: we continue to monitor the unfolding situation down there in athens, georgia. live pictures of an apartment complex about a mile and a half away from the campus of the university of georgia, and you see police conducting an investigation there. campus officials confirm that they do have a person of interest who is being held and being questioned. we'll have the latest on this tragedy on the campus of the university of georgia just ahead. stay with us. ♪ hey! that's mine. i'll buy you a pony. advanced hydration isn't just for kids.
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>> john: we want to jump to the white house briefing here, karine jean-pierre is taking a question on the ivf decision by the alabama supreme court, suggesting it was driven by roe v. wade struck down. >> president made appeal this morning to the governors at the
10:56 am
white house asking them to go back to their states and talk to their congressional lawmakers about passing the ukraine aid bill. i'm wondering if that is sort of the next course of action thinking about targeting the speaker and top house republicans in their districts. >> i mean, look, the president had an opportunity to engage in governors of both parties, something he does yearly, and they have important -- important items to speak to on the agenda, and obviously this is -- this is an issue that governors care about. we know that even with the bipartisan deal for the border security, obviously that came out of the senate, we got support from governors. >> john: and there is karine jean-pierre talking about the president's appeal to governors to pass the ukraine funding bill, in addition also tackling the question about the ivf ruling at the alabama supreme court, a lot of specialists say it's going to complicate things going forward. we'll keep watching that, and have the latest on the georgia
10:57 am
investigation right after this. stay with us.
10:58 am
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